Wendy Coulter Talks Branding on Lightsource Education Podcast

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Listen as Wendy Coulter, CEO and president of Hummingbird Creative Group, talks branding with Andres Quintana of Lightsource Education Podcast. 

Short on time? Check out the show notes below! 

show notes

  • 2:50- Branding is more than a logo and the look, it’s the essence of your culture and what makes you different!
  • 4:00- Standing out is so important! It can be difficult to find out how your business can differentiate yourselves but it can make all the differences. 
  • 4:55- For preexisting business, it can be helpful to call your customers to find out why they come to you and not your competitors. Then, figure out how you can use their responses to better your brand. 
  • 6:08- Social media is more important than you may think! Think about how to use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other platforms to better your brand and show customers how your brand is different.
  • 6:50- Social media is also powerful for SEO. Sometimes, your social can outperform your website.
  • 7:20- Wendy gives a great tool to see where your information is listed across the web.
  • 8:06- Find Wendy on the web. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more! 
  • 9:28- Getting creative on LinkedIn. It’s important to have a solid profile picture and profile in general. What should your profile picture look like? What about the other graphics on your company LinkedIn page? Check out Hummingbird’s LinkedIn page here.
  • 10:45- How does Hummingbird help you develop your brand? Wendy also gives you another tool to help further your brand. 
  • 11:43- Wendy tells you the important strategic ideas you need to consider when creating a strong reputation online and the importance of asking patients for online reviews.
  • 15:21- Define your target market and find your ideal patient using personas. Find a picture, name the person and see who your ideal customer is. 

Make sure you listen to the podcast for more insights into bettering your brand!  

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