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Multimedia Content

Multimedia content can be extremely helpful when you’re trying to build brand awareness. In your toolbox of branding, you can think of multimedia content as the Swiss Army knife– it’s technically one tool but has multiple different prongs to get the job done. Flip out the infographics to drop some graphic knowledge on your readers. Switch over to livecasting to build brand awareness in a unique way while interacting with your fans and customers.

Multimedia content might sound daunting and overwhelming, but it’s simple once it’s broken down. Multi- means many, and media is the plural of medium. Multimedia content is about sharing a consistent message across many different platforms through different channels.

Mobile marketing, podcasting, photo sharing and more can spread the word about your company and make future customers more aware of how great your product or service is. This type of content has the possibility of going viral very quickly.

Unfortunately, your chances of going viral are mostly left to destiny rather than skill. But, that doesn’t mean you should remove multimedia content from your branding toolbox. What really matters is opening channels to facilitate communication between your business and your customers.

multimedia content and your content plan

Multimedia content, as the name suggests, is rooted in content creation. Content creation is more than just a buzzword thrown around at board meetings; it’s an actual marketing tactic that can help your brand rise to new levels and improve brand awareness. Smart Insights actually found that the top goals for marketers was to gain customer relationships and loyalty, drive engagement and promote brand awareness. Content marketing can help achieve that.

Of course, we all understand that blog posts, web pages, ebooks, and more need to have a solid foundation built on syntax, grammar, spelling and organization. Elementary schools teach students about creating an outline of the topic before putting pen to paper to make sure the argument has supporting statements. We’ve learned to organize the written word to tell the story.

But other forms of digital content also need to be organized. While videos may not necessarily need to keep their “too”, “two” and “to”’s apart, you should execute multimedia content in a strategic manner. By involving a writer’s skill early on in the production, your brand is more likely to see a well-organized and thoughtful piece that delivers an empathetic message to your viewers.

not all multimedia content is created equal

With so much content out on the internet within fingertips’ reach, readers can be overwhelmed with the amount of information out there. When we search for a solution to our problems, we want the answer now. In our fast-paced lives, we don’t often have time to pour through useless results. We need things we can skim or understand at a glance. This becomes even more important knowing that the average person ingests the equivalent of 174 newspaper’s worth of information a day. So that means you have to be innovative.

Highly visual infographics and SlideShares are very effective prongs on your multimedia content pocket tool. Our brains take a split-second to decipher shapes as letters and string them together to form words and sentences. That might be fast, but our brains are even faster at comprehending graphic information in visual communication. Your brain may see a mosquito and immediately understand it’s a bug without having to rely on the context of the written word. Infographics and SlideShares still have rich and relevant information but they also have the graphic content to fall back on to quickly relay the data.

Complex topics can be reduced to bite-sized pieces of information to make intellectual consumption easier. A great example includes:

Podcasts and Webinars are also really great ways to release easily-digestible content. They’re also more intimate forms of communication that can allow you to engage with your audience in real time.

Studies show that people retain 80 percent of what they see, 20 percent of what they read and 10 percent of what they hear. While retention rates for audio is low, the big benefit is greater mobility. Your customers can listen to your podcast or webinar while working, driving, walking and more. They don’t have to be sitting in front of an eReader or computer.

For greater retention levels, pair a podcast or webinar with visual aids like infographics and SlideShares. The Daily Carnage does an excellent job of providing visuals with their recommended podcasts:

With smartphones so prevalent in society and decent data and WiFi options available almost everywhere, online videos are being consumed at an increased rate. For anyone on Facebook, it can be difficult to scroll through your newsfeed without passing four or five videos shared by friends or posted by liked pages.

Videos can build trust and legitimacy with your customers. With video, suddenly your brand becomes more three-dimensional and intimate while displaying large amounts of information quickly. Buzzfeed, especially, has capitalized on this concept. Their clipped videos, often accompanied with quirky captions to catch interest, amass millions of views across several platforms.

why multimedia content is important

Big picture– why is multimedia content important? It builds brand awareness. Why is brand awareness important? It’s a measure of how well your brand is known within your target market. The higher-level awareness you have, the more likely your customers will come to you when they need to make a purchase.

If you have a great product and a great offer but no one knows you exist, it can feel like a wasted effort. With your greatest weapon in building brand awareness being repetitive exposure, it pays to vary content while keeping it easily digestible.

Consumers aren’t solely getting their information from the newspaper anymore. They are listening to the radio, driving past billboards, watching television, surfing the web and so much more. When you release information through multiple channels, you stand a higher chance of reaching more people.

Content might be king, but multimedia content reigns supreme. If you want to attract more customers and build top-of-mind awareness, multimedia marketing is a strategy you can benefit from.

make use of multimedia

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